What you need to know about artificial nails

And now you have become the owner of beautiful, no, just mind-blowing nails. However, getting into unlimited possession of artificial nails is only half the case. After all, such a step towards external perfection must be taken care of, protected and cherished. The article below will tell you what you need to know about artificial nails, how to take care of them so that they look perfect for a long time. Artificial nails, simple tips for maintaining their beauty: It is worth noting right away that for the first time it is better to build medium-length nails to avoid annoying accidents.

By the time you need to go for correction, you will already have time to get used to your artificial "friends" and more accurately determine which length will be most convenient for you. It is necessary to handle knives, graters and other household items very carefully. Just one awkward movement - and the floor of the nail can remain on the sharp metal edge. Open fire lighters, excessive mechanical stress, sudden movements of the hands, unscrewing screws or opening bottle caps - all this is a potential threat to artificial nails. Similarly, hypothermia of the hands should be avoided. Remember: low temperatures make your nails brittle. Plus, gel nails have a beautiful glossy layer that is so easy to scratch with careless handling. It is better to start household chores using cleaning products only with special gloves, and at the end of household chores, it is recommended not to be lazy and open the nails with a colorless varnish. As for the correction of nails, this procedure should be repeated at least once a month. The most optimal time interval should be assigned by the master, based on the growth rate of your own nails, the condition of the gel coating and other individual indicators. And do not forget about the cuticle. 1-2 times a week, a special moisturizing oil or cream should be rubbed into the skin of the hands. If you follow the above rules, then most likely, helium nails will be your pride for an unlimited time interval, which, by the way, will benefit your own nails. After all, under the protection of helium, they cease to layer and suffer from the effects of external negative factors. Fortune Clock Casino is the latest gaming site to launch in 2020 with a lot of cool features despite being just a few months old. It has a great modern design and easy navigation. All users appreciate it for excellent bonuses and generous lotteries. More about the casino here www.fortuneclock.co.uk . The site has more than 2000 modern and juicy games with huge jackpots. In addition, users have the opportunity to try their luck in the esports and sports betting categories. They are very popular among casino users.