Documentary wedding photography

As a documentary photographer its my job to capture unique moments from your wedding day. Being as unobtrusive as I can whilst I do it. My favourite compliment is "we didn't even notice you were there". Im lucky enough to have been an award winning documentary wedding photographer for quite a few years now, racking up some awards along the way.

From the 150+ weddings Ive photographed over the years Ive noticed how much couples respond to the natural moments of the day. Images of parents, grandparents & friends that will last a lifetime. Another one of my favourite things to hear from a guest is "are you still here?!". This tells me I've really put in a shift, which I love to do. Its important to document late into the night also - as we all know, this is when the good stuff really happens.

Not a fan of being in front of the camera

I think suddenly being asked to pose in front of the camera like we're doing a magazine shoot is so unnatural. No one is used to that! This can cause anxiety & on the very day you want to feel relaxed & comfortable. Choosing a documentary wedding photographer for your big day is ideal if you want amazing images, but zero fuss. No lights, 1 hour shoot or demanding direction.

Reliving how your wedding day actually was

Documentary wedding photography allows for the truthful, raw moments that you may not get with another style of photography. Its such an honest, authentic version of your day. When you come back to view your images, maybe every year, you will 100% be taken back to the feeling of the day. I always think its such a warmer, exciting POV of the day rather than hundreds of over stylised portraits. Check out Reece & Demi's wedding HERE

Moments over poses

As a documentary wedding photographer I am constantly scanning for moments. Wether its tears or laughter. I want you to see your friends and family in a light you have never seen them in before. Moments to really take from the day and cherish forever. Check out George & Juliens wedding HERE

I'd love to get to know you & hear all about your wedding plans. Please get in touch and i'll get back to you as soon as possible with my pricing & brochure.