NATURAL, Relaxed, approachable, unguarded, not boring, zero cheese, no Awkward posing, raw

Do you hate to be posed?

Pretty much every couple I speak to tells me they aren't a fan of being in front of the camera. Let me say, I feel EXACTLY the same way. Im not a fan either.

The portraits on the wedding day don't need to be an hour magazine shoot with lights. 15 minutes is all I ask for and need for your main portraits and 10 minutes for golden hour or night portraits.

I want you both to enjoy your day and not make it about the photo's. But of course I want you to have amazing photo's. Below is some of my fav portraits. Every couple afterwards have said to me how easy it was. Even if they were dreading it before hand.

photographers keeping it real black and white award

Award Winning

Wedding Photographer

Its lovely to win awards, but its not something I expect to receive after shooting a wedding. As proud as I am to have them. My main aim with each wedding is to capture moments for the couples & NOT for awards.

In my opinion my work is a reflection of the couple. Their personality is right there in the images. You really see how close people are to their friends, family and what it means to have them there on the day.

Capturing the story of someone's wedding day is a real pleasure & very humbling to be doing it for a living.


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